Help: BillPay

With Mobile BillPay you can view scheduled payments, payment history, cancel payments and schedule a new payment for existing payees. Additional features such as add a new payee can be accessed by signing into the Schools Apple or Android app or in SchoolsOnline.

The Payments screen displays the next 90 days of scheduled payments and the last 90 days of payment history. Status icons indicate if the payment is scheduled , was processed successfully , or the payment failed . Clicking on the payee name displays more detailed payment information.

Menu Options:

  1. New Payment: Schedule a new payment for an existing payee.
  2. Payee List: View list of payees.
  3. Monthly View: View payment counts by payee by month.
  4. Refresh: Download the latest payment data.

New Payments:

    Can be scheduled for an existing payee up to 13 months in advance. Payments cannot be scheduled to process on weekends or holidays.

Canceling Payments:

    A scheduled payment can be canceled by clicking on the payee name in the payments list and selecting the Cancel Payment menu item. Any payment scheduled within 90 days can be canceled.

Recurring Payments:

    Mobile Banking does not support creating recurring payments. Only the next schedule recurring payment from a series will be displayed in the mobile scheduled payments list. Cancelling that payment will cause the payment to be skipped but will not cancel the whole series of recurring payments. Creating, modifying, or deleting a recurring payment series can be completed in SchoolsOnline BillPay.